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Situation Center

Command Center

  • Current Operations relate to active threats successful in their current targeting of JANUS
  • Assessments assessments based on the analysis performed for various areas of concern or interest
  • Briefings current briefings related to the protection of JANUS and certain ongoing efforts

Travel and Event Center

Task Oriented Intelligence varies greatly from event and discovered based intelligence. For example the event oriented intelligence is often investigative and discovered is often identified from large amounts of information that has been analyzed for automatic recognition as being significant.

Task orders are intelligence tasks which are instrumental to the intelligence cycle which involves the process in developing intelligence requirements which drives the intelligence tasks needed in the collection process.

Intelligence tasks range from something as simple as asking a question to an intelligence request for information outlining specific and implied tasks and may require a high level of effort and time or required within hours. The intelligence requirements each have at least one RFI associated with them. -- Asking a question can be as simple and require the time taken to write a subject in an email message.

An example of the way an Intelligence Request for Information can be used has several advantages when an organization is considering developing a new system or product that will involve a significant amount of resources and lifecycle process. This would be something which could include tasks that would provide an idea of the emerging technologies, trends or efforts that may be soon or already available. That task may be followed with conducting one or more components of a blind buy operation.

Submit a Template:Question and the correct level of expertise will work in providing the answer.

Issue an Template:Intelligence Request for Information.

Operational activities require the appropriate Template:OPCODE Template:OPKEY maintained following the established protocols.

Decision Support

  • Adversarial Understanding - Know your enemy (threat evaluation) involves analyzing adversarial organizations, capabilities, and tactics to identify vulnerabilities to exploit.


  • ASCOPE - Area, Structures, Capabilities, Organization, People, Events (ASCOPE) characteristics
  • STORM - Security Threat, Target Operations, Resources, Movement (STORM) patterns



Please use the correct FEEDMANAGER options to create or remove information from the REACHBACK Namespace and external resources.



Knowledge Base

Template:Knowledge Base